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Youth Accounts

Opening a Looney Tunes Club or YOUth Savings Club Account

Dependant children of those eligible for Cedar Point membership are eligible to open their own Looney Tunes or YOUth Savings Club account. The account requires a $5.00 minimum deposit and must be opened "in care of" a responsible adult who is in the Cedar Point Field of Membership

Age Limitations

Children through the age of thirteen are members of the Looney Tunes Club. On their fourteenth birthday they are automatically transferred to the YOUth Savings Club. YOUth Saving Club members become full members of the credit union on their eighteenth birthday. Looney Tunes members will receive a gift with each deposit. There are special gifts for the children when their balances reach $100.00 and again when they reach $500.00. The A's=$$$ and "A"chievement Award programs are open to all children through high school.

Dividend Rates for Children's Accounts

Please refer to the Rate and Fee Truth in Savings Disclosures for rate information.


For every "A" the student receives in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, or other Fundamental Requirements, Cedar Point will deposit $1.00 in the student's account!* Please bring in the report card and the tellers will be happy to help you.

*Maximum $5.00 - parent or guardian are strongly encouraged to match

The deadline for each report card is set for approximately one month after the scheduled report card date as posted for St. Mary's County Schools.

Deadlines for the 2014-2015 school year-

Taz   Distribution Deadline
1st report November 7 December 6
2nd report January 28 February 28
3rd report April 10 May 9
Final report June 16* July 18

*Per schedule posted as of 02/26/14

"A" chievement Awards

If a student is on the "A" Honor Roll, (Highest Honors) bring in a copy of the report card. The student will be entered into a special drawing at the end of the year for $100.00 Cash!

Kids Corner

Each quarter the Communicator has a special section for children on the back page. This page will have articles, puzzles, games and some interesting links aimed especially for the kids.

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