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Outreach is an important part of our credit union's mission. Learn more about the variety of ways which we support our local communities below.

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Financial Wellness Month


Financial Wellness Month is celebrated every January. It was created to encourage people to pay attention to their financial well-being, especially after the busy holiday season. Saving money or paying down debt are popular New Year's resolutions but are often hard to do or maintain without additional planning. This month encourages people to make realistic plans to reach financial goals. Doing so can help reduce anxiety about finances and promote financial stability.

Taking care of your financial wellness includes managing your income and how you spend that money. While that often means your daily purchases, like groceries or gas, it can also encompass investments and retirement funds. It’s important to regularly sit down and revisit the long-term decisions you are making with your finances to make sure that you can afford your daily expenses and have a plan for unexpected or future expenses.

There are many ways to boost your financial wellness. The most common way people manage their finances is by setting up a budget to ensure they are not spending more than they are making. Other ways to take care of your financial wellness include starting an emergency fund, evaluating your credit, planning to improve or maintain your score, and setting aside money to clear up any outstanding debts. While Financial Wellness Month is coming to a close, ensuring you have a plan is important. We have some tools here and here for you to get started!

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Posted: January 31, 2024

Posted by: Ashton Osborne, Public Relations Specialist



5 Ways to Avoid Scams This Holiday Season


The Winter Holidays are some of the busiest times of the year, and preparing for them can be just as hectic. According to the National Retail Foundation, holiday spending is expected to reach record levels this season and be anywhere from $957.3 billion to $966.6 billion. During this time of year, it's important to remember the risk of encountering a scam. Scammers are a risk year-round, but the holiday season opens doors for them as shoppers search for deals, can have added holiday stress, and may not be as attentive. Here are some tips to keep you from getting scammed this season.

  1. Don’t give out personal information.
    The best way to protect yourself from scammers is to avoid giving out personal information. Sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, social security numbers, or card and account numbers are prime targets for many scammers.
  2. Safeguard passwords for financial accounts.
    Scammers may call or send emails posing as a financial institution to gather sensitive information about your account, like PINs or Passwords. This practice is called phishing. Never divulge information like that over the phone or through email, especially if you are unsure who is trying to request it. If you're unsure, contact the organization and confirm they were trying to contact you. Besides not giving PINs or passwords out, ensuring your password is unique to your account and free of sensitive information is also important. Multi-factor Identification is also a valuable tool to implement as an extra safeguard.
  3. Practice caution while shopping online.
    Online shopping has become more popular over the years, and scammers use it to their advantage. Take the time to ensure that the website you’re buying from is legitimate. Many online shopping scams are done by clicking links to false websites that collect data or install spyware onto devices. Using a reputable business guarantees that the transaction is legitimate and that you are getting what you paid for. Online or offline, using a digital method of payment gives you a traceable payment history, which could make it easier to prove fraud.
  4. Stay vigilant.
    Watch your account for suspicious activity. Regularly checking your balances and transactions for an account can keep you from becoming a victim of fraud. If you see something unusual or a purchase you didn’t make, report it to your financial institution immediately. They can deactivate that card and issue a new one.
    Being aware of any unusual activity at ATMs can also help. Scammers install cameras, external skimming devices, or mirrors to gather sensitive information like PINs or card numbers to gain access to funds. If you feel uncomfortable with an atm, find a different one.
  5. Look into Charities before donating to them.
    The holidays are the season for giving, but make sure you check into the organizations you're giving to. Doing research before donating to a charitable organization will verify if the organization is genuine. Websites like,, and are helpful websites for verifying a charity's legitimacy and that your donation goes to a worthy cause.

While Scammers take advantage of the holiday buzz, there's a possibility of encountering a scam year-round. By being attentive, you can keep yourself from falling victim to fraud well after this holiday season has passed.

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Posted: December 01, 2023

Posted by: Ashton Osborne, Public Relations Specialist



World Savings Day 2023


World Savings Day, sometimes called World Thrift Day, is celebrated internationally on October 31st. It was started in 1924 at the end of the first International Thrift Congress held in Milan that year. Filippo Ravizza, an Italian professor present at the conference, proposed the day. While there was participation, international recognition of the day took off after World War II.

The original idea behind World Savings Day was to encourage people to put more savings into a financial institution instead of saving it in their houses. This has evolved to encourage people to start saving in general. Saving is important, and the earlier you can begin to do so, the better. People save for a wide array of reasons like retirement, education, property purchases like a house or car, or an emergency fund. In a typical emergency fund, it is recommended that you have anywhere from 3 to 6 months' worth of living expenses saved up. Any little bit that you save will help you in the long run.

The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute creates a theme for World Savings Day each year. This year's theme is conquering your tomorrow, with youth being at the center of their video message this year. You can go here to view this year's video.

Saving is an essential step for setting up how you want to retire or have some cushion during an emergency. Here are some ways that you can observe World Savings Day.

  • Set up a savings goal for yourself. Starting a savings can add some security to life. Following a SMART goal or the 50-30-20 rule is a great way to grow your savings.
  • Open a savings account. At many places, you can earn dividends on your savings, meaning you’ll save more money to put towards your goals and wants.
  • Make a budget. Budgeting is essential to ensure you're spending appropriately and can keep you out of tight spots. Seeing if you can set some of the money aside in your budget is an excellent way to prioritize your future.
  • Take a financial workshop. Many financial institutions will hold workshops to teach how to manage your finances.

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Posted: October 31, 2023

Posted by: Ashton Osborne, Public Relations Specialist



Cedar Point Federal Credit Union® Grand Reopening in Lexington Park

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union® celebrated reopening its headquarters in Lexington Park on June 29th, 2023. The location had been closed since April 29th, 2023, for renovations to the lobby.

Cedar Point was excited to welcome Commissioners Eric Colvin and Scott Ostrow, President of Maryland DC Credit Union Association John Bratsakis, Chris Kaselemis and Lee Greely from St. Mary’s Department of Economic Development, Dr. Christine Bergmark from St. Mary’s Chamber of Commerce, Terri Raley from the Lexington Park Business Association, Dr. Frank Clinton from the Small Business Development Center, Brian Shepherd from 1771 Architecture Studio, Wayne and Austin Davis From WM Davis, and board members to celebrate the reopening of the headquarters.

The credit union has operated out of its current headquarters since 1997, with the last major update happening in 2000. “This building has been here for 26 years, and quite frankly, the lobby needed a refresh.” Said Charles Roach, President and CEO of Cedar Point Federal Credit Union. Since its founding, membership at Cedar Point has grown to over 46,000. To better serve the ever-increasing number of members, this remodel focused on overhauling the appearance and technology of the branch.

According to Roach, the main lobby has a modern look with new flooring, lighting, and teller stations. “I feel excited learning new ways to work in our lobby more efficiently," said Ashley Thomas, Headquarters Assistant Branch Manager. “The openness of the lobby and adding more offices for other employees encourages teamwork.”
Technology updates include a large LED display featuring educational and promotional content and guest Wi-Fi to modernize the area further. New money counters called teller cash recyclers (TCRs) have been installed. “I feel that the TCRs will improve the accuracy and speed of cash transactions,” said Owen Lewis, Headquarters Branch Manager. “This version of the lobby will allow members to be helped in a more timely manner overall.” Additionally, the drive-up ATM has moved to the lane closest to the building, and the drive-thru lanes are now operated by video screen.

State Senator Jack Bailey, State Delegate Brian Crosby, and County Commissioners Scott Ostrow and Eric Colvin recognized Cedar Point's dedication to serving the community of St. Mary’s County for the past 78 years with official citations. The branch staff looks forward to building upon that legacy of service for many years to come.


Posted: July 14, 2023

Posted by: Ashton Osborne, Public Relations Specialist



BECA Scholarship Recipients 


Education is one of the largest steps one can take toward building a career, being a better neighbor, and standing up for what is right. Cedar Point has had the pleasure of helping numerous young people continue in this pursuit of knowledge with the Frank E. Gorely scholarship, the Keepers Club scholarship, the Beacon scholarship, and the CPFS scholarship. This year’s recipients were Olivia Berkut from Chopticon High School, Anna Kate Carrigg from Leonardtown High School, Julianna Hammett from Leonardtown High School, and Ezra Huckabee who studies at home.

These four outstanding individuals were selected from a pool of 126 qualified applicants. Colleen Blundell, Vice President of CPFS, stated, “We were impressed by the grades, extracurricular activities, and community service of all our applicants. It was so hard to choose this year!” These final four stood out due to their exemplary scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. Each recipient looks forward to attending a four-year university in the fall, continuing their education to succeed professionally.

At the scholarship ceremony held on May 16th, Cedar Point’s president only had one piece of advice for the young scholars. “You have all worked very hard since the ninth grade to get here. In college, keep that determination; don’t give up. Get your degree and make your life after the degree that much better.” Cedar Point is honored to have such well-rounded recipients and looks forward to the amazing things they will do.


Posted: May 19, 2022

Posted by: Sean Scriber, Marketing Communications Specialist



Cedar Point Gives Back with Christmas in April 


Kindness can be hard to find somedays, but it arrived in droves on Saturday, April 30th. Cedar Point had the privilege of sponsoring and working alongside Christmas in April to help a neighbor in need. With many hands, wheelbarrows, shovels, and about half a dozen chainsaws, we were able to bring new life to a local home.

Christmas in April is an organization sponsoring volunteers who beautify the homes of neighbors in need. For the past 32 years, several chapters of Christmas in April have been assisting homeowners throughout Southern Maryland. Cedar Point has proudly been a part of this tradition for 4 years and this year was no exception.

Cedar Point was part of one of the many teams working in St. Mary’s County that day. Employees felt moved being shoulder to shoulder with so many people, surrounded by selflessness and hope. Cedar Point Employees stood alongside a gentleman who sells pools, a hand full of realtors, an officer, and a marine biologist; an intriguing blend of people assembled to transform decades of damage and decay. It was inspiring.

Ken Ritter, the head organizer of Christmas in April of St. Mary’s County, opened the morning by telling us about the 14 volunteers who came out in 2021 and was left speechless looking at the mass of people who showed up early and ready to work for the 2022 projects. At 8 am, volunteers began work on the house moving and cleaning with vigor. Within hours, truckloads of material from the property.

As a credit union, it is easy to simply provide financial resources to members who have to time and resources to get it, but on that day, Cedar Point wasn’t just a business. It was a group of people who wanted to make life better for someone in their community.

Since 2020, Southern Maryland has endured many hardships, yet we are still finding new ways to grow and prosper. With that endurance comes hope. Cedar Point is a part of that hope by being present and active in the community not just for a day, but as long as we are here. We will continue to be a beacon of light, empowering our community and enriching the lives of our neighbors for the good of Southern Maryland.


Posted: May 13, 2022

Posted by: Sean Scriber, Marketing Communications Specialist



April is National Youth Month!


Dreaming big doesn’t mean you need to start with big actions. The first small step is usually the hardest, but you can use momentum to propel you forward once it's taken. This year’s National Credit Union Youth Month theme is “Save Small. Dream Big at Cedar Point.” It uses the image of a magical rainbow with a wish-fulfilling gold star at the end. We want to tell young members that their dreams are attainable, no matter how big they are.

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union has tools to help fulfill these dreams. With a youth saving account that earns interest, young members can deposit small amounts regularly and watch their savings grow “like magic.” The earlier they start a savings account, the more it will grow, and the easier it will be to achieve their dreams. Learning this good financial habit at a young age will set them up on the path to financial well-being.

If you have been wondering how to empower your kids to save for their future, National Credit Union Youth Month is a great opportunity to start! Join us this April as credit unions across the country encourage youth to start saving regularly. This celebration is a great time to engage kids at Cedar Point and within your community to help them learn that saving, no matter how small the amount, can help them achieve their dreams.

A great way to jump-start their earnings is with our “A’s=$$$” program. For every "A" the student receives in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, or other Fundamental Requirements, Cedar Point will deposit $1.00 in the student's account! There is a maximum of $5.00 deposited per report period. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to match.
Please bring in the report card, and we will be happy to help you at the teller line. Report cards can also be emailed to

The deadline for each report card is set for approximately one month after the scheduled report card date as posted for St. Mary's County Schools. The deadline for the 3rd quarter report cards is May 7th.

Get involved by using the Twitter hashtag #CUYouthMonth to let everyone know how your credit union is making a difference in young members’ lives.



Learn more about Youth Accounts

Posted: April 1, 2022

Posted by: Sean Scriber, Marketing Communications Specialist



Waldorf is OPEN!


On January 12, 2022 Cedar Point Federal Credit Union officially opened its 6th branch in Southern Maryland. The new Waldorf location is the first branch Cedar Point has built in Charles County. The credit union is thrilled to now have physical locations in every county in Southern Maryland to better serve its members.

Cedar Point was excited to have its board members in attendance as well as representatives from the Charles County library system, Charles County Chamber of Commerce, and other honored guests. On a cold winter’s day, bundled and masked, attendees were eager to celebrate the opening of this long dreamed about branch.

The new branch, just across the street from Target in Waldorf, is a testament to the growing technology of our day. The state-of-the-art design and security makes it the first of its kind for the credit union. This new location serves as a new concept for how Cedar Point does business, envisioning new ways to connect and serve the Tri County area.

The sentiment was echoed in the words of Cedar Point’s CEO Charles Roach on that day. “Our membership is open to everyone in Charles County,” said CEO Charles Roach at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “If you live here or work here, you can be a member of Cedar Point. We hope to expand going into the future [for] all Charles County residents. So this is the [next step] in what they need and what they want.”

Being in the audience that day, I could tell this was a victory for the community. The room hummed with excitement and conversation as everyone marveled and explored what the new branch had to offer. It also didn’t hurt that there were a lot of delicious cup cakes. As far as official beginnings go, this was a great start. I am excited to see what this Charles County branch will do.

Posted: January 27, 2022

Posted by: Sean Scriber, Marketing Communications Specialist



A Hallmark Law Turns Thirty


In 1977, Judy Heumann led a protest in San Francisco advocating for the rights of disabled Americans. At the time, there were no specific laws governing accessibility to facilities, education, and health care for those with disabilities in our nation. As a result of Heumann's dedication to the cause, the American's with Disabilities Act was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush on July 26, 1990.

This year Cedar Point proudly celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the passing of that hallmark legislation. This important civil rights law prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life, including jobs, schools, transportation, and public facilities. The law ensures that people with disabilities have the same rights and opportunities afforded to every American.

Thirty years ago, this law changed the way America does business. The ADA helped Cedar Point broaden its capacity to serve those with disabilities. Thanks to the ADA, all five Cedar Point branches were designed with accessibility in mind. Cedar Point believes in the ability to serve everyone. We strive every day to appreciate and celebrate the differences among us.

In the past four years, Cedar Point has proudly donated over $40,000 to support our community members with disabilities. Our employees have paddled in the Solomons Dragon Boat Festival, coached for the Special Olympics, gone bowling with members of Southern Maryland Community Resources, and co-hosted sensory-friendly performances alongside The Newtowne Players.

As we look toward the future, Cedar Point will continue to advocate for our employees, members, and community members with disabilities, following its mission of creating meaningful experiences for everyone.


Posted: July 24, 2020

Posted by: Kristin Kauffman, Chief Marketing Officer



A New Vision


For 75 years Cedar Point Federal Credit Union has stood as a beacon for the community. While members and employees have a feeling of what the credit union means at its core, we've never defined it and put it on paper. Over the last year, we've spent countless hours interviewing and surveying employees, members and community members to understand the bigger "Why" for the credit union. The findings from these were introduced to the employees at the credit union's All Staff Training on Presidents' Day.

Our Vision for 2020 and beyond is to be the primary financial solution for all our members' unique needs. Our Mission is enriching lives by providing competitive rates of interest, cultivating exceptional financial partnerships, and creating meaningful experiences. Above all, in everything we do, Cedar Point believes in:

  • Transparency through open communication, technology, and education
  • Empowering individuals to seek out financial solutions
  • Accountability to our members, our community, and our team
  • Motivation to make a difference in our members' lives

We promise to turn goals into realities by providing financial solutions with integrity, honesty, and outstanding service.

Posted: March 9, 2020

Posted by: Kristin Kauffman, Chief Marketing Officer

Sponsorship and Donations

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union is dedicated to having a positive impact in the communities we serve, including working closely with charitable organizations which make a difference in our neighborhoods through the arts, entertainment, financial education, and beautification projects.

Contributions or other financial assistance to community service and charitable organizations will be made on a highly selective basis and generally only when duplication does not exist through other forms of member participation. Cedar Point reserves the right to consider each donation request on a case-by-case basis.

All charitable giving and corporate sponsorships must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Cultural
  • Family Entertainment & Fine Arts*
  • Community Service & Community Improvement**

*Programs/Organizations which enhance the communities we serve by providing family oriented entertainment events and venues and fine art performances.

**Programs/Organizations which enhance the communities we serve through non-profit service that seeks to improve and better specific groups, projects, or populations

While we wish we could support every organization which sends a request, we don't have the capacity to do so. Because if this, Cedar Point cannot provide donations or sponsorships for any of the following requests:

  • Activities, groups, or events not in a Cedar Point branch community*
  • Administrative expenses or expenses such as conference and travel
  • Religious Groups or Political Parties, candidates, or causes
  • Sponsorship requests that benefit or fund a single individual's participation in an event or activity

*We may choose to make exceptions for national organizations with local chapters on a case-by-case basis.

Cedar Point will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner. A decision to deny a request does not imply that the applicant's program is not needed or worthy, but simply that it does not fall within our giving guidelines, priorities, or that funds are not available.

Requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. If your request is denied, your organization may apply again during the next calendar year.

Does your organization fit within our criteria?



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