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Debit Cards


Visa Debit Cards

The Cedar Point Visa Debit Card is convenient and easy to use, and is widely accepted wherever VISA is accepted. Your Visa Debit Card carries these limits:

  • Purchases - Limit per day - $2000.00*
  • ATM Withdrawal - Limit per day - $500.00*

These limits can be adjusted to accommodate special circumstances with a minimum 24 hours notice.

*Limits assume funds are available in account.


NEW! 55,000 ATMs added to our surcharge free network for members. Visit Allpoint Network or download the Allpoint ATM Locator app to find your closest ATM.

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Get on-the-go debit card alerts.

Travel with peace of mind no matter where you go. CardControl allows you to set and receive alerts, control when and how your credit and debit cards are used and monitor transactions – all from your mobile device.  

Instant alerts let you know the moment your card is used.

  • Protect yourself against fraud.
  • Customize alerts for your transactions.
  • Track spending.

Please note that CardControl must be accessed through your Cedar Point digital banking app. By selecting "Cards" from the main screen, the app will prompt you to download the CardControl app. Once downloaded, the app will open alongside the Cedar Point app. 


Visa Gift Card Visa Gift Card

You can purchase a Visa Gift Card at any teller line for only $1.50 plus the funds on the card up to a limit of $1000.00 with a minimum of $10.00. Please note this card is not re-loadable.  Cards should not be used for hotels, car rental or gas purchases at the pump. Cards may be used at retailers in the United States and on the Internet wherever VISA Debit Cards are accepted. If you wish to register your card online, please request a PIN* and visit

Please be aware that a monthly maintenance fee of $5.00 will be charged by the card issuer beginning the 13th month from card activation.

*To request a PIN for your Visa Gift Card please call 1-833-729-2843. We are unable to set this PIN in our offices.


Lost or Stolen Visa Debit Card

For Immediate action on lost or stolen Visa Debit Card 24 hours a day, call:

  • 800-472-3272
  • International Service - 973-682-2652

When a card becomes compromised, it is extremely important to block the card as soon as possible to prevent Fraud. If our fraud protection known as “EnFact” is calling about a transaction on your Debit Card, The number you will see on your phone is 866-750-9107. If you receive a message on your voicemail the message will request that you call 877-253-8964.

Visa Fraud/Risk monitoring call center: 1-800-262-2024


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