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Protecting the integrity of your account information is our number one priority, so when you come in to one of our branch offices we may ask for your ID.  It is our general policy to ID all members before we conduct business even if we know you personally.

Review our Privacy Policy and learn more about ePrivacy.


Why do you ask for ID when I am not withdrawing money?

While anyone is welcome to deposit funds to any account, we will only provide a receipt to the account holder since our receipts include your name and balance information. We cannot provide any information about the account, including the names associated with an account number, to someone whose name is not on the account. In addition to identifying you, your ID is also an excellent way for our tellers to cross check to be sure the money is going into the correct account, that is, the one with your name on it.

If you are making a change to the account we will need to see your ID so we are confident that it is a change you want. We may hold your ID in order to verify your signature. We will usually make a copy of the ID to be scanned into our files.

If you are changing contact information, it is especially important that we see your ID, since we will be sending account specific information such as statements to your USPS address or passwords to your email address.

What ID should I show?

Of course a driver's license or state issued identification card is always acceptable.

Department of Defense ID is acceptable at the teller line, but since we are not permitted to copy this form of ID, we cannot accept it in cases where we would make a copy such as when you are adding a certificate to your account..

If you have recently moved to a new home and your driver's license does not have your current address, we may ask to see a proof of address when opening a new account. In this case, an electric bill, gas bill or rental contract is an acceptable form of ID to confirm your address.

If you are changing your name because of marriage or divorce we will need to see the appropriate legal documents. We will copy these for our records.

How do you check my ID when I call on the phone?

When you call us on the phone we will ask questions designed to confirm that we know to whom we are speaking. The usual first questions - name, Social Security number, Mother's maiden name - may be sufficient for some transactions, such as when you are paying your loan or Mastercard from your checking account. Other times we may ask you specific questions about the activity in your account.

Please help us by offering identification when asked. It is for your protection.


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