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Outreach is an important part of our credit union's mission. Learn more about the variety of ways which we support our local communities below.

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Last year's community activity

Our employees worked all throughout our community in 2019. Employees volunteered at Cedar Point sponsored events like Christmas in April and the Solomons Dragon Boat Festival as well as on their personal time, helping to coach a Special Olympics basketball team, mentor students at a local high school and serving on boards and committees throughout Southern Maryland. You can tell we're proud of our employees. The best part? We can see all the smiles from those we've been able to impact with the time and funds we've donated. Check back often to see what we've been up to! 

Community Blog

A Little Something Extra

from the Board of Directors

2019 has been a prosperous year for Cedar Point. We know that at this time of year, our members are focusing on family, cooking, holiday shopping and other things which are important and unique. So Cedar Point wants to give our members a little something extra to help with gas, cookie dough, wrapping paper or a hot coffee to keep you moving.

In light of our prosperous year, Cedar Point’s Board of Directors is excited to announce the payment of a Special Dividend* over the holidays. This dividend has been paid on primary share accounts (savings) and youth accounts for members in good standing, and was posted on Friday, November 15, 2019. Every account which met the requirements* received $10.00 to use for whatever suits the season. Don’t forget, you can always save the money for a rainy—or snowy—day!

We’re happy to have been able to pay a Special Dividend for the second year in a row. In 2018, Cedar Point proudly paid over $223,000 in Extraordinary Dividends, and this year we are excited to announce that we’ve given back even more. Cedar Point has paid over $330,000 in Special Dividends to our members in November of 2019! We wish you all a safe and warm season and hope that this brings you a little extra holiday cheer.

*To receive the Special Dividend, an account must be open as of close of business November 14, 2019 and not dormant and have at least the required minimum balance in the account; $25 for prime shares and $5 for Youth and ALF accounts. Limited to one special dividend per account. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves.


Posted: November 12, 2019

Posted by: Charles Roach, President & CEO

Introducing "Junior"

 Youth Accounts at Cedar Point have a new mascot named Junior. 

“We’re going back to our roots,” said Linda Knott, Executive Vice President at Cedar Point. Knott has worked at the credit union since the early 1980s and she’s really seen the youth program grow. In 1992 the Moola Moola children’s club was introduced, and was the first youth program in any financial institution in St. Mary’s County. “It was always about teaching responsibility to our young members,” said Knott. “Barbara Horn recognized the need to provide financial education for the young people in the county. So she made it happen.”

To put this in context, Barbara Horn was about to step into the role of CEO. She was taking a marketing course at the former Charles County Community College in 1992 when she received an assignment. “We had to start up a business for the project and follow it through,” said Horn. “So I researched the Youth Account idea and found a character called Moola Moola which we could license.” Moola Moola was not only a mascot, but an actual costume worn by employees on Saturdays and at special events. “He would host birthday parties at the credit union” Horn remembers fondly. “And he attended grand opening celebrations for new branches and ATMs.”

Moola Moola was eventually discontinued by its parent company after the millennium, and Cedar Point began using Looney Tunes mascots through a partnership with Deluxe. “Looney Tunes were really great characters to have around at that time” said Marketing Manager Kristin Kauffman. Eventually, though, there came a time when those characters stopped resonating with young people. “We wanted our mascot to be able to actually give tips and tricks and talk about what’s happening in the community. Our license didn’t give us the ability to do that with the Looney Tunes characters.”

So, the credit union embarked on a mission to learn more about what its young members and their families wanted from the program. “We interviewed employees and spoke to parents.” Kauffman said. “We learned that the art of writing checks at a young age is not as important to parents as learning how to use money wisely. How to save and how to share.” Out of this, the team evaluating Youth Accounts came up with a game it could share with its young members.

“The most exciting part is our new mascot!” Kauffman shared. Junior was developed by a small team. Rebecca Whitley, an employee in another department, had designed characters like this for other groups and personal projects. Given a few points of inspiration and t-shirt colors from the Marketing team, Whitley ran with it. In Kauffman’s opinion, Whitley’s design hit a home run. “At our Annual Meeting in March, we brought Junior out as a kind of soft reveal. Our members were delighted by him and the idea behind his creation from the moment they saw him.”

The credit union’s history with the Cedar Point Lighthouse was the inspiration for the character. “Our credit union should be the guiding light for those trying to find their way” said Kauffman. “The metaphor is a perfect fit with our core values.” This is how the Junior Keepers Club was created. The concept centers around Junior and his family, who are lighthouse keepers. Through his duties at the lighthouse, Junior learns all about responsibility and accountability. “As a keeper he is also a saver,” says Kauffman. “Junior will be a great voice to help us teach youngsters in our Youth Account program about the importance of saving and social responsibility.”


Posted: May 1, 2019

Posted by: Cedar Point Marketing Team



Academy of Finance Job Shadow Day

By Colleen Blundell, VP of Investment/Business Services


On February 14th, the students from the Chopticon High School Academy of Finance stepped out of their daily classroom routine to spend a day in the real world. As they have for a number of years, twenty-four students spent the day visiting the Headquarters Office of Cedar Point Federal Credit Union in Lexington Park, Maryland. The students completed a tour of the credit union and then met with representatives from various departments. They learned about the many different aspects of keeping a financial institution running smoothly from what training a teller receives to the importance of continuously updating the marketing strategies and technology used by a financial institution.

Cindy Baden, who is The Academy of Finance teacher, accompanied the students during the tour and learning experience. “This is a great way for our students to be introduced to what it takes to make a financial institution run smoothly behind the scenes. The interactive area of the presentations allowed them to increase their knowledge of the skills needed for specific jobs and educated them on what types of jobs are available to someone who is interested in business, accounting and finance. Many of them have accounts at a financial institution but had no idea the many job opportunities available.”

Cedar Point staff and management, along with the teachers and students, praised the event as a way to underscore the importance of a good education as a basis for future success. Cedar Point believes strongly that the Job Shadow experience shows students the many opportunities available within the local community and allows them to see firsthand how the lessons taught in the classroom apply to the working world. “The knowledge of this class when it comes to economic and financial matters is strong. They expressed their surprise at the many jobs available within the credit union and the questions asked throughout their visit showed a clear ability to apply the learned classroom information to the presentations throughout the day,” said Colleen Blundell, VP Investment/Business Services of Cedar Point.


Posted: March 1, 2019

Posted by: Colleen Blundell



Employee Spotlight


Cedar Point would like to recognize our employee Katy White, Vice President of Human Resources, for her outstanding public service to the community as a member of the Calvert K-9 Search Team. The Calvert K-9 Search Team is a Maryland Search and Rescue Team, using highly trained search dogs to find lost and missing people. Katy recently received an award and commendation for service on a missing persons case with several other members of the team.

Katy has been a dedicated member of the Calvert K-9 Search Team for 11 years, along with her dog Bailey, who served for 9 years. Bailey, a Catahoula Leopard dog mix, was very driven by her work, searching wide swaths of land for missing children and adults when duty called. She specialized in tracking-trailing on a lead, as well as live-find area-search. In this second type of search, Bailey would run off-lead to find the missing person, and return to Katy, tapping her to let her know what she’d found, then run back to the lost subject. After 9 years of service, Bailey recently retired from the search team.

Even after Bailey’s retirement, Katy is still an active member of the Search Team. Katy is a part of the base operations that coordinates the K-9 search teams on the ground during the long searches, making sure all search areas are covered. On April 26, 2018, Calvert K-9’s base operations coordinated an exhaustive search for a missing man, and the team successfully discovered him within hours of deployment.

As a result, Katy and twelve other members of the Calvert K-9 Search Team, including Katy’s daughter, were awarded an Outstanding Citizenship Award for their dedication to Prince George’s County Police Department and the citizens they serve. On November 15, 2018, Chief of Police Henry P. Stawinski III personally commended the team for their hard work and dedication. Katy’s daughter Ashley Scott and her dog Jett, a Border Collie, are active members of the team and worked closely with Katy during this search.

The Calvert K-9 Search Team conducts many programs in Maryland and Pennsylvania, including a local a program called Hug-a-Tree. This program reaches out to schools to teach children about what to do if they ever do get lost. The team also recently attended a workshop to learn about individuals with Alzheimer’s and Autism spectrum disorders, and conducts regular exercises with various State and County Search and Rescue operations.


Posted: December 11, 2018

Posted by: Cedar Point Marketing Team



An Extraordinary Dividend

from the Board of Directors


Throughout 2018, Cedar Point was fortunate to be able to give to many organizations in our community and beyond. Throughout the year, we helped hurricane victims, donated over 600 coats to those in need, and sent backpacks and supplies to schools across St. Mary’s, Calvert and Charles Counties. We truly value our members, employees and community members who helped make all this possible.

And now it’s time to give back to our members!

In light of a successful year, Cedar Point’s Board of Directors is excited to announce the payment of an Extraordinary Dividend*. This dividend was paid on primary share accounts (savings) and youth accounts and was posted to those accounts as of December 1, 2018. Cedar Point is proud to reveal that we paid over $223,000 in Extraordinary Dividends in 2018!

*Account must have been open at close of business on November 30, 2018. You must have earned dividends on your primary share (0) or youth (5) account prior to the dividend date to receive any dividend. Dividends calculated as a percentage of dividends paid on your primary share (0) or youth (5) account through September 30, 2018. Dividends are paid from current income and available earnings after required transfers to reserves.

Posted: December 3, 2018

Posted by: Charles Roach, President & CEO

What is a Lighthouse?

by Kristin Kauffman, Marketing Manager


Today, on a whim, I conducted an internet search for “What is a lighthouse?” Wikipedia’s definition was what you’d expect. But the deeper idea of how Cedar Point Light represents our credit union was not lost on me.

A lighthouse exists to guide weary sailors in from murky waters on dark nights or foggy days. The lighthouse stands tall and sturdy, wearing bright colors, as if to say, “Safety and security is here. Follow me.”

A lighthouse is a homecoming and a safe harbor. Throughout history, legendary Chesapeake Bay watermen and time-honored Navy sailors alike had seen the beacon of the Cedar Point Light shining just beyond the confluence of the Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay. Perhaps they thought, “I will have a warm bed and a full stomach tonight.” When they’d see the lighthouse from the swelling sea, they thought of family, firm ground under their feet and a bright future.

Imagine the founders of our credit union seventy-three years ago gathering in a small room on the new Navy base and wondering, “What do we stand for?” They named it Cedar Point Federal Credit Union, adopting the lighthouse out on the point as a beacon, a guide, and most importantly, a logo. The lighthouse logo, which we still use today, stands to guide our members in from the endless waters.


Posted: September 28, 2018

Posted by: Kristin Kauffman, Marketing Manager


Donations Made for Hurricane Relief

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union and Dugan, McKissick & Longmore, LLC  collected supplies to aid in the relief effort after the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence. A 15-foot truck load of supplies were delivered by Cedar Point's CEO Charles Roach to a Red Cross facility in Goldsboro, North Carolina on Tuesday, September 25th. "The facility was almost empty," said Roach. "We must have been the first ones to get there."

Working in partnership with the American Red Cross in North Carolina, the two businesses requested donations from the community, and filled the truck in less than a week. Though it was difficult to count everything that was donated, the truck contained more than 50 cases of water, 25 boxes of diapers, 40 containers of laundry detergent and bleach, 100 paper towel rolls, 100 toilet paper rolls, 10 boxes of food, plus toiletries, baby products, cleaning products and so much more. 

“We really want to thank our community partners,” said Kristin Kauffman, who organized Cedar Point’s part of the effort. “Megan Phillips at Dugan, McKissick and Longmore was a huge help in pulling it all together.” A storage area in their office building at the corner of Three Notch Road and Chancellors Run Road was given over to the project, and filled almost to the ceiling in some places. "When I walked in to help organize everything, I almost had to climb into the room. There really were that many donations," Kauffman said. Quality Transfer and Storage donated numerous boxes to aid in organization, and the U-Haul facility on Great Mills Road discounted the cost of the truck for the trip. Additionally, twelve-year-old Isabella Longmore, a seventh grader at Father Andrew White school, organized a drive with her classmates, contributing a pick-up truck full of donation items.

Both businesses were optimistic about collecting donations, but uncertain if the seven day turnaround would be enough time. Not surprisingly, the generosity of the Southern Maryland community was nearly overwhelming. "Every day we sent cart loads of items to the storage area at Dugan, McKissick and Longmore," said Todd Farr, Cedar Point's Systems Administrator. Kauffman laughed as she explained that she recruited the IT Department to help with some of the heavy lifting. 

“We are grateful to be able to help our neighbors in North Carolina,” says Kauffman. “Many of us have family members living there, and many of us have vacationed there. Anything we can do to help their community recover is important to us.”

Edited: September 26, 2018

Posted by: Community Relations


365 Days of Impact

by Kristin Kauffman, Marketing Manager


Calendars. We all use them. We have to keep our schedules straight, or one day runs right into the next. Bobby has soccer practice. Dad has a dentist appointment. We think about our schedules every day. But have you ever thought about the people who make the calendars we use?

It’s a question I never thought to ask myself until about two weeks ago. What happened two weeks ago? Families everywhere realized that their kids were getting ready to go back to school, and schedules needed coordinating, vacations needed to be planned, and calendars were required. But it’s only August. That little voice in my head was quickly drowned out by the many inquires that began pouring in.

You might ask yourself why the Marketing Manager at Cedar Point Federal Credit Union was being flooded with questions about a 2019 calendar. For that answer, we’ve got to rewind the clock 20 years. When Stacey Park was hired into the Marketing department 20 years ago, there was a calendar already in use, which was circulated internally. “I started in ’98 and continued using the calendar. But I gave it a facelift,” Park laughed. “I was always surprised by how popular they were. It seemed like such a small thing, but they would fly out of the offices.”

When Y2K rolled around shortly after, Marketing Director Lisa Shender took Park’s design and added her own twist. Over the following years, the calendar morphed as needed, and Shender fell into a nice rhythm designing a new calendar every year. As technology changed and shaped the world we live in, the calendar went digital, too.

When Shender retired last year, one of the last nuggets of wisdom she gave me was about this calendar. She laughed as she explained. “There’s always a typo. Always. You’ll have half a dozen proof readers, and still you’ll end up with May 16, May 16, May 18.” You can be sure we triple-checked the month of May for 2019!

Cedar Point now designs five (that’s right, five) sets of calendars for our community and our employees. We order thousands of calendars before the new year, and we’re always surprised at how quickly they get swept up. The 2019 Civil Service Calendar was designed by Marketing Assistant Anna Schlueter, along with our internal calendar for employees. I designed our large twelve-month wall calendar, and the rest will be a team effort.

The next time you walk through a program office and see a calendar with a Cedar Point Federal Credit Union logo hanging in a cubicle, think of the history. Because you’re not just looking at this year or next year. You are looking at decades of history, rolled into one practically perfect calendar.

Posted: September 7, 2018

Posted by: Kristin Kauffman, Marketing Manager

A Night on Broadway

 “It’s curtain time, and away we go!” The Newtowne Players production of A Night on Broadway hit the ground running on Thursday, May 17 with a big production number from Kiss Me Kate. With additional musical numbers from South Pacific, Grease, My Fair Lady, Chicago and many more, the performance kept the audience entertained straight through to the finale. This particular performance, though, was designed with a very special audience in mind.


Our community members with developmental differences were treated to an evening of sight, sound and song as part of the Newtowne Players’ ongoing community outreach efforts. “When the theatre approached us and asked if Cedar Point would like to sponsor the evening, we jumped at the chance,” said Marketing Manager Kristin Kauffman. “Providing accessible entertainment for community members who might not otherwise have the opportunity is incredibly important.”

Cedar Point has an ongoing commitment to and partnership with SMCR, Inc., which hosts fun and exciting community events with an emphasis on accessibility for members with diverse needs. Director Thomas Esposito and Musical Director Diane Trautman really believed in the idea of reaching out to SMCR’s members. “As soon as we recognized this unique opportunity for community outreach, our production team was excited,” said Esposito. “And the folks from SMCR were a great audience.”

A particularly poignant moment of the evening came during the full cast performance of “You Will Be Found” from the Tony Award-winning musical Dear Evan Hansen. The lyrics of the song sent a message of hope and friendship. When the cast began to sing and repeat the words, “You are not alone,” each cast member connected with individual audience members on a very personal level. “I felt every word of that song,” said Kauffman. “We are thankful for that rare moment of magic we were able to share.”

Posted: May 21, 2018

Posted by: Cedar Point Marketing Team

Sponsorship and Donations

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union is dedicated to having a positive impact in the communities we serve, including working closely with charitable organizations which make a difference in our neighborhoods through the arts, entertainment, financial education, and beautification projects.

Contributions or other financial assistance to community service and charitable organizations will be made on a highly selective basis and generally only when duplication does not exist through other forms of member participation. Cedar Point reserves the right to consider each donation request on a case-by-case basis.

All charitable giving and corporate sponsorships must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Youth
  • Cultural
  • Family Entertainment & Fine Arts*
  • Community Service & Community Improvement**

*Programs/Organizations which enhance the communities we serve by providing family oriented entertainment events and venues and fine art performances.

**Programs/Organizations which enhance the communities we serve through non-profit service that seeks to improve and better specific groups, projects, or populations

While we wish we could support every organization which sends a request, we don't have the capacity to do so. Because if this, Cedar Point cannot provide donations or sponsorships for any of the following requests:

  • Activities, groups, or events not in a Cedar Point branch community*
  • Administrative expenses or expenses such as conference and travel
  • Religious Groups or Political Parties, candidates, or causes
  • Sponsorship requests that benefit or fund a single individuals' participation in an event or activity

*We may choose to make exceptions for national organizations with local chapters on a case-by-case basis.

Cedar Point will make every effort to process your request in a timely manner. A decision to deny a request does not imply that the applicant's program is not needed or worthy, but simply that it does not fall within our giving guidelines, priorities, or that funds are not available.

Requests must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. If your request is denied, your organization may apply again during the next calendar year.

Does your organization fit within our criteria?



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