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Senior Club Accounts

If you're 55 or older, you automatically qualify for and become a member of Cedar Point's exclusive financial club: The Senior Club. There is no application, just ask a member service representative to note your account. Check out the benefits of becoming a club member below.


Club Benefits

  • Free Checks: There is a limit of one box of basic checks per order. As always, there are no monthly or per check fees.
  • Free Official/Teller Checks: This is a savings of up to $5.00 per check. 
  • Free Bank to Bank Wire Transfers: This is a savings of $25.00 per wire transfer. Limited to three free wires per month.
  • ATM Fees Reimbursed: Save your ATM receipts from non-Cedar Point ATM machines and bring them to your nearest Cedar Point office and you will be reimbursed for those fees (excluding surcharge fees). Receipts should be presented monthly. Did you know? We've added over 30,000 ATMs to our surcharge-free network nationwide. Learn more about the Allpoint Network.
  • Free Stop Payments: This is a savings of $25.00 per stop payment order.
  • Free Notary Services: This is a savings of $2.00 per stamp.
  • IRA Certificate Renewals: Senior Club members age 59 1/2 or older will be able to make a one-time early renewal of IRA certificates without penalty. This early renewal allows members to take advantage of any possible rate increase.

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