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Alert Services

Now you can get account alerts in your email or by text message! There are many options for the types of alerts you can set. Set reminders, balance alerts, due date alerts on loans, daily balances and much more. See below for details.


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Through Digital Banking

If you have access to your account online, you can set up your Alert preferences within Digital Banking. To add an alert to your account, choose Settings in the menu. Then choose Alert Settings. You can add a new alert by clicking the new alert button and edit your alerts by toggling them on or off. You can choose to add alerts to your account, account history, and transactions, as well as set reminder alerts. You can also edit your delivery preferences if you’d prefer to be alerted via email, text, or phone call. 

What kind of alerts can I get?

  • Reminders
  • Balance alert
  • Check cleared
  • Daily balance
  • Loan due
  • Certificate maturity
  • Transaction notification
  • Messages received

Please note that you may receive messages from Cedar Point in your digital banking inbox from time to time. These are not considered alerts and are not individually manageable.

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