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Personal Loans

With Cedar Point’s variety of Personal Loans, we can help with that “right now” thing. Whether you’re looking to take a vacation, make some home improvements, or handle unexpected expenses, we’re here to help.

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Anyplace, Anytime, On Any Device!

Did you know that we offer a quick, convenient way to apply for loans? As a member, you can apply for most any loan online or using your smartphone or tablet, any time of day or night, from anyplace you happen to be! No need to call a loan officer or drive to the credit union, unless you prefer one of those methods. You now have more options to apply for loans to fit with your lifestyle! Plus, you’ll receive a response within moments of applying.

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Rates are accurate as of March 15, 2019.

Any Reason Loan

Are you looking for a loan that, perhaps, does not fit into a traditional box? At Cedar Point, we’ve seen quite a few requests for these types of loans. And for that reason, it’s our any reason.

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Rates Any Reason Loan

Vacation Loan

It’s time to relax and take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Treat yourself to that special trip with the help of a Vacation Loan from Cedar Point.

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Rates Vacation Loan

American Freedom Loan

Our American Freedom Loan functions in much the same was as our other personal loans. The key difference with this type of loan relies on length of the borrower’s current employment. If a borrower’s current job has been with the same employer for at least three years, this loan may apply.

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Rates American Freedom Loan

Signature Loans

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Rates Signature Loans

Shared Secured* Loan

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Rates Shared Secured Loan

Line of Credit

Sometimes a Line of Credit is a simpler way to go. When a line of credit is extended, you’ll only make payments when you begin to use it. See our rates below, and begin the application process.

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Rates Line of Credit

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Life happens! At Cedar Point, we understand that unexpected overdrafts occur from time to time. Our Overdraft Coverage options can help.

Rates Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Want to know more about Overdraft Coverage options?

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