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Here are the top things we're looking forward to in the coming months at Cedar Point. Check back periodically for new exciting happenings.  


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  • Cedar Point recently delivered a truck full of donations to North Carolina for hurricane victims. Read our article in the Calvert Beacon.
  • Cedar Point donated $10,000 to SMCR for people with developmental differences Read our article in The Enterprise

Introducing "Junior"Junior

Youth Accounts at Cedar Point have a new mascot named Junior.

“We’re going back to our roots,” said Linda Knott, Executive Vice President at Cedar Point. Knott has worked at the credit union since the early 1980s and she’s really seen the youth program grow. In 1992 the Moola Moola children’s club was introduced, and was the first youth program in any financial institution in St. Mary’s County. “It was always about teaching responsibility to our young members,” said Knott. “Barbara Horn recognized the need to provide financial education for the young people in the county. So she made it happen.”

To put this in context, Barbara Horn was about to step into the role of CEO. She was taking a marketing course at the former Charles County Community College in 1992 when she received an assignment. “We had to start up a business for the project and follow it through,” said Horn. “So I researched the Youth Account idea and found a character called Moola Moola which we could license.” Moola Moola was not only a mascot, but an actual costume worn by employees on Saturdays and at special events. “He would host birthday parties at the credit union” Horn remembers fondly. “And he attended grand opening celebrations for new branches and ATMs.”

Moola Moola was eventually discontinued by its parent company after the millennium, and Cedar Point began using Looney Tunes mascots through a partnership with Deluxe. “Looney Tunes were really great characters to have around at that time” said Marketing Manager Kristin Kauffman. Eventually, though, there came a time when those characters stopped resonating with young people. “We wanted our mascot to be able to actually give tips and tricks and talk about what’s happening in the community. Our license didn’t give us the ability to do that with the Looney Tunes characters.”

So, the credit union embarked on a mission to learn more about what its young members and their families wanted from the program. “We interviewed employees and spoke to parents.” Kauffman said. “We learned that the art of writing checks at a young age is not as important to parents as learning how to use money wisely. How to save and how to share.” Out of this, the team evaluating Youth Accounts came up with a game it could share with its young members.

“The most exciting part is our new mascot!” Kauffman shared. Junior was developed by a small team. Rebecca Whitley, an employee in another department, had designed characters like this for other groups and personal projects. Given a few points of inspiration and t-shirt colors from the Marketing team, Whitley ran with it. In Kauffman’s opinion, Whitley’s design hit a home run. “At our Annual Meeting in March, we brought Junior out as a kind of soft reveal. Our members were delighted by him and the idea behind his creation from the moment they saw him.”

The credit union’s history with the Cedar Point Lighthouse was the inspiration for the character. “Our credit union should be the guiding light for those trying to find their way” said Kauffman. “The metaphor is a perfect fit with our core values.” This is how the Junior Keepers Club was created. The concept centers around Junior and his family, who are lighthouse keepers. Through his duties at the lighthouse, Junior learns all about responsibility and accountability. “As a keeper he is also a saver,” says Kauffman. “Junior will be a great voice to help us teach youngsters in our Youth Account program about the importance of saving and social responsibility.”


On February 14th, the students from the Chopticon High School Academy of Finance stepped out of their daily classroom routine to spend a day in the real world. Twenty-four students spent the day visiting our Headquarters Office, touring the credit union and meeting with representatives from various departments. They learned about the many different aspects of keeping a financial institution running smoothly from what training a teller receives to the importance of continuously updating the marketing strategies and technology used by a financial institution.

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Welcome, Charles County

Cedar Point was organized in 1945 to serve the civil service employees of the Patuxent River Naval Air Test Center. After serving those select employee groups faithfully for nearly 65 years, our credit union received its community charter in 2009.

Our community charter allows us to serve more individuals and families in the Southern Maryland region, encompassing those who live, work, worship, go to school in or regularly conduct business in St. Mary’s, Calvert and Charles Counties. With five branches spread across St. Mary’s and Calvert counties, we are beginning to turn our eyes toward Charles County.

A dedicated committee has determined a location in Waldorf in which to construct a new branch. With this exciting new step, Cedar Point hopes to break ground in 2019, with a projected grand opening in Spring of 2020.

This new branch will feature state-of-the-art technologies, while still maintaining the personalized service our members have come to associate with Cedar Point.

Stop back in for more information, coming soon!



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