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Digital Services

Digital Banking is now live! More information is coming soon.



With our new digital banking platform, statements are automatically available in electronic form. But help us reduce our carbon footprint by turning off paper statements. You can turn off paper statements by filling out the Secure Form inside your digital banking profile or you can call us at 301-863-7071. Why turn off paper statements?


eStatements are Greener

If all the members of CPFCU signed up for eStatements we would save approximately 8 trees per year*.


eStatements are Safer

When you sign up for eStatements you never have to worry about your statement sitting in your unsecured mailbox all day while you are at work.


eStatements are Faster

With eStatements your statement is available on the first business day of each month. We’ll even send you a reminder by email. Paper statements can take up to 10 days to work their way through the print shop, the mail house, the post office…

See our Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure for more information.

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