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Youth & Senior Accounts

Cedar Point offers special accounts for those under 18 and over 55. Youth Accounts receive something special to encourage good grades, and Senior Club Accounts offer great free perks for certain services. Learn more by clicking below.

Youth AccountsSENIORS CLUB


Youth Accounts

Cedar Point wants to help members of all ages learn and practice financial responsibility. And what better way to teach our younger members than by opening an account? Learn about our Junior Keepers Club account below. 

Youth Account Eligibility

Dependent children of those eligible for Cedar Point membership are eligible to open their own youth account. By opening a youth account, our younger members are automatically enrolled in the Junior Keepers Club or the Youth Savings Club. A youth account requires a $5.00 minimum deposit and must be opened "in care of" a responsible adult who is in the Cedar Point Field of Membership.

Age Limitations

Children through the age of thirteen are members of the Junior Keepers Club. On their fourteenth birthday, they are automatically transferred to the Youth Savings Club. Youth Savings Club members become full members of the credit union on their eighteenth birthday. Junior Keepers Club members will receive a gift with each deposit. The A's=$$$ and "A"chievement Award programs listed below are open to all school-aged youths through high school.

Welcome Junior!

Join us in welcoming our new mascot Junior to the Cedar Point family. Junior and his family are lighthouse keepers. Through his duties at the lighthouse, Junior learns all about responsibility and accountability. As a "keeper" he is also a "saver", and he'll help us teach young people about the importance of saving and social responsibility.



Update (as of 5/8/2020): For the fourth marking period of the 2019-2020 school year, students in St. Mary’s, Calvert, and Charles Counties will receive a grade of “Pass” or “Incomplete” on their report cards. If the student receives a “Pass” grade in Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, or other Fundamental Requirements, Cedar Point will deposit $1.00 into the student’s account! There is a maximum of $5.00 per report period. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to match.

Please email a copy of your report card to for review.

The deadline for each report card is set for approximately one month after the scheduled report card date as posted for St. Mary's County Schools. 

"A" chievement Awards

Update as of (5/8/2020): If a student receives a “Pass” grade in all their classes, email a copy of your report card to The student will be entered into a special drawing at the end of the year for $100.00 Cash!

Marking PeriodReport Cards DistributedA's=$$$ Deadline
1 November 13 December 15
2 January 29 March 9
3 April 15 June 1
4 TBA July 25

Based on the St. Mary's County School District Calendar 2019-2020.

Making a Difference

With your help, Cedar Point has donated over 450 backpacks full of school supplies to students in St. Mary's, Calvert, and Charles counties over the last three school years. With your help in Fall 2020, we'll be able to do it again. Watch now to see what we were able to give to students in our inaugural year.

Senior Club

If you're 55 or older, you automatically qualify for Cedar Point Federal Credit Union's exclusive financial club: The Senior Club. There is no application, just ask a member service representative to note your account. Check out the benefits of becoming a club member below.


Club Benefits

  • Free Checks: There is a limit of one box of basic checks per order. As always, there are no monthly or per check fees.
  • Free Official/Teller Checks: This is a savings of up to $5.00 per check.
  • Free Money Orders: This is a savings of $2.00 per money order.
  • Free Bank to Bank Wire Transfers: This is a savings of $25.00 per wire transfer. Limited to three free wires per month.
  • Western Union Transfers: This is a person to person transfer. Senior Club members will not be charged the Cedar Point fees for Western Union transfers. The Western Union fees will still be applicable to the transaction.
  • ATM Fees Reimbursed: Save your ATM receipts from non-Cedar Point ATM machines and bring them to your nearest Cedar Point office and you will be reimbursed for those fees (excluding surcharge fees). Receipts should be presented monthly. Did you know? We've added over 30,000 ATMs to our surcharge-free network nationwide. Learn more about the Allpoint Network.
  • Free Stop Payments: This is a savings of $25.00 per stop payment order.
  • Free Notary Services: This is a savings of $2.00 per stamp.
  • Dividend Checks Mailed: Upon request, dividend checks can be mailed quarterly to you instead of being deposited into your account.
  • IRA Certificate Renewals: Senior Club members age 59 1/2 or older will be able to make a one-time early renewal of IRA certificates without penalty. This early renewal allows members to take advantage of a rate increase.

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