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Palm Vein Authentication

With MyPalm

Our new authentication process verifies a member’s identity by using the latest palm vein biometric technology in place of outdated, slow authentication methods like checking a driver’s license. MyPalm helps mitigate fraud, reduce transaction times, and make transactions more convenient for members.


Introducing MyPalm

Cedar Point Federal Credit Union is introducing an exciting, new piece of technology to its members. Starting on December 14th, an innovative biometric palm scanner called MyPalm will be available for members to use at all five branches. Cedar Point is the first financial institution in Maryland to offer this technology to its members, which will increase security, efficiency, and speed of transactions.

With MyPalm, a member simply hovers a palm over an infrared sensing device that detects each person’s unique palm vein pattern and matches it to an encrypted digital signature. Palm vein authentication offers superior security, accuracy, and satisfaction.

  • Security: Palm vein scanning is a highly reliable method of identification. Palm-vein patterns are unique and remain stable throughout a person’s life. Veins are “hidden” under the skin, making forgery virtually impossible.
  • Accuracy: Palm vein patterns are complex, with more than five million reference points.
  • Satisfaction: Palm vein scanning is quick, easy, and intuitive to use.

Enrollment Starts on December 14

Members will be able to enroll in MyPalm beginning on December 14th at any of Cedar Point's five branches in St. Mary's and Calvert Counties. The enrollment process will be quick and only requires the member to bring two things: a government-issued photo ID and the palm of their hand. Only members in good standing, who are 18 years of age or older, are eligible for enrollment. Cedar Point recognizes that not everyone will be interested in this new technology, so while registration is encouraged, it is optional.

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